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Children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old can train in our Little Kickboxers Programme.

Little Kickboxers is a class that is dedicated to introducing the children to the fun sport of Kickboxing. There is padwork, boxing and kicking as part of this class. There is also a small amount of light contact sparring involved.

The objective of the Little Kickboxers programme is to introduce young children to the sport of Kickboxing. At this young age we strive to develop in them a love for the fun elements of the sport to promote long term participation.

Kickboxing is a fun and exciting sport. It promotes fitness, agility, mobility and resilience in children. At Red Star we are big believers in children developing self confidence through sport. Sport and in particular, Kickboxing, offers the ideal environment for young children to develop confidence through their physical and mental progress.

Below is a video made in 2018 which features many students that have come through our Little Kickboxers programme who went on to represent Ireland at international level.
This is what Kickboxing can offer, This is what Red Star can offer!