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Terms & Conditions of Membership Red Star Martial Arts 2018.

Red Star Martial Arts is a non-profit sporting Unincorporated Association

Membership of Red Star Martial Arts is obtained by filling out the mandatory screening form and by signing up to these terms and conditions.

Failure to pay the monthly fee will result in your membership place being revoked and offered to a potential member on our waiting list. FEES (See Membership Structure) Membership fees are paid monthly or by the class.
The monthly membership is a FIXED fee regardless of whether you train the entire month or only one class during that month. Fees can be paid by cash or card, ideally we prefer all fees to be paid by standing order/bank transfer.
**Failure to keep training fees up to date will result in your membership being terminated and your place offered up to the next person on our waiting list. If your membership is terminated by the executive committee you will be contacted by our membership officer. All fees including your insurance fee are non-refundable at this point.

All members are required to pay €35 annual insurance cover. Our insurance policy is obtained via O’Driscoll/O’Neill and Kickboxing Ireland. No member can train without this insurance cover. No member can train under any other insurance policy, private or otherwise. Insurance must be paid at the beginning of the training year.

By the end of the first month training, a new member must purchase a training uniform. Only Red Star Martial Arts approved clothing may be worn. No football/GAA jerseys/shorts or other may be worn. You wouldn’t wear your fight suit while training with a football team.

Kickboxing & Taekwon-Do are contact sports. All members sparring must have adequate sparring gear. All adults are responsible for their own safety equipment, making sure all equipment is on before sparring commences. Parents are responsible for all junior’s sparring safety equipment. Males must wear groin protection, all members must wear gum shields. All members are responsible for their own safety equipment. Injuries obtained because of inadequate or lack of safety equipment are the sole responsibility of the student and/or parent.


1) The Code of Ethics and Good Practice for children in sport specifies that adults should not be on their own with children in changing areas. Parents that are accompanying children to the changing room should be aware of this rule.

2) Please bare in mind that some parents have requested that no photos be taken of their children while in class, therefore videoing or photographing the class with other children in it may cause offence to other parents and infringe on their right not to have their child photographed. If you wish to take a picture of your child during class, please ask the instructor first.

3) Please refrain from shouting instructions from the sidelines to your child during class. Our instructors are very experienced and well used to teaching groups of children, sit back, relax and enjoy your child’s participation in a very exciting sport.

4) We are NOT disciplinarians. This is not the 1980’s when children were sent to Martial Arts schools to be disciplined. That is your job as a parent. Our job is to introduce children to the positive mental and physical elements that sport martial arts has to offer.

5) Please arrive no earlier than ten minutes before class starts and please make sure to have your child collected at the end of class on time and NO later. We are not responsible for minding children who are not collected on time after class. If you are late for any reason please ring ahead and us know. As a parent or guardian you are responsible for playing an active role in your child’s participation in sport. You are expected to be supportive, encouraging and receptive to your child’s progress. We are not a baby sitting service.

All members are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner. Members who behave in a less than satisfactory manner will have their membership terminated. Members who engage in the disrespectful behaviour will have their membership terminated.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS – A hard copy is available at the club where you can sign.