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Junior Squad is our young athlete development programme.

The squad train with World champion coach, Jon Mackey.

The classes are aimed at developing a high standard of Kickboxing competitors. However you do not need to be interested in competing to participate. Regardless of whether the junior competes or not, they will develop a high standard of Kickboxing ability.

This class focuses on Kickboxing as a competitive sport. Ring craft, tactics and strategies are trained as well technique development and core fitness. Sparring plays a large part of this class and the junior will need to be kitted up with sparring protective equipment once they have settled in.

While competing is not mandatory, it is encouraged. Competition provides an incredible environment for juniors to develop a unique sense of self. Competition allows the junior to be aware of their mental state allowing them to over come challenges that sport competition provides. Winning is never our priority, participation and personal performance appraisal is super important, and that’s what we focus on. Goal setting as a pathway to performance.

Jon Mackey has trained juniors who now hold World and European Kickboxing titles as well as silver and bronze world medallists.