Scion Open Taekwon-Do Championships

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Scion Open Taekwon-Do Championships

On February 19th Red Star competitors attended the Scion Taekwon-Do Championships hosted by our friends in Scion Taekwon-Do, Little Island in Cork. Red Star had 42 competitors from across all different levels, ages and ability. The championship was the ideal event for those only new to competition to go and pit their skills against members of other Taekwon-Do clubs. Represented were clubs from across Cork, Tipperary, Wicklow, Wexford, Kerry as well as Dublin and as far as England. The Red Star troops performed gallantly in all divisions with the results of the recent speed and power development training showing in all areas. A special mention goes to the following competitors who won double gold;

Karolina Wymyslo – Gold x 2
Caoife Walsh – Gold x 2
Seb Glowacki – Gold x 2
Zanda Bluma – Gold x 2
Lauren Bradshaw – Gold x 2

Congrats to all members who participated and did their club proud in particular Yuri Kizyuk who represented Castleknock and also Wayne Smith, Asama Salleh, Dylan Maguire and Raoff Dib who represented our newest club Red Star Setanta, congrats also to Adrienne Russell, Zanda Bluma and Sophie Grenat who represented our new ladies class.
The over all medal tally was 44! Well done everybody 😉

Robyn MacDonnell – Gold (sparring)
Donna Mackey – Gold (patterns)
Neidin Coulahan – Gold (sparring) Silver (pat)
Dayna Walsh – Gold (pat)
Erika Walsh – Gold (pat) Silver (sparring)
Asma Salleh – Silver (pat) Bronze (sparring)
Alisha Wheeler – Silver (sparring) Bronze (pat)
Grace Molloy – Silver x2
Raoff Dib – Silver (sparring)
Brid-Og Tierney Coulahan – Silver(pat) Bronze (spar)
Lauren Russell – Silver (sparring)
Ciaran Cassidy – Silver (sparring)
Leon Brennan – Silver (pat)
Dylan Maguire – Silver x 2
Adrienne Russell – silver x 2
Yuri Kizyuk – Silver (sparring)
Eliza Bluma – Silver (pat)
Wayne Smith – Silver (spar), Bronze (pat)
Stephen Russell – Bronze (sparring)
Lee O’Connor – Bronze (Sparring)
Natalie Wymyslo – Bronze (Sparring)
Alex Cunningham – Bronze (Sparring)
Sophie Grenat – Bronze x2
Kuba Marczclewski – Bronze (sparring)
Leah Harris – Best Competitor

For pictures from the event click here

Video’s from the event are on our Facebook page

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